Join the Legion

We are Legion….

Legion is a group of streamers seeking to promote other streamers to create 24/7/365 content for our audiences to entertain, inform, and enjoy social connections online. We’re more than a team, we’re a streaming community. Teams are welcome to join, as are single streamers or co-streamers. Our goal is to create a never ending river of content intended to thrill, entertain, inspire, inform, educate, and much more through co-streaming and cross promotion. No matter what you stream, you’re welcome to apply to join. The application process is simple.

How to apply:

1. Email with the following info:

A. Your @handle on social media and streaming sites with the links to see your feeds.

B. A profile pic and short bio (1000 words max) that you want added to your profile page on

C. A streaming schedule so that we can add you to the programming schedule.

D. An email address that you want the Legion to use to contact you.

What the Legion will do:

1. You’ll be added as a member of the Legion on the website and all Legion of 7 social media accounts.

2. You’ll get your own “” email address.

3. We’ll add you to the streaming schedule and promote your streams on the website and all social media links when you go live.

4. We’ll connect you with other streamers so you can co-stream with people that share your interests and build each others’ networks and streams.

5. You’ll get weekly emails and newsletters with more bonuses, ways to connect and grow your feeds, and more.

What we ask of you:

1. Be yourself and stream.

2. Don’t violate anyone’s TOS.

3. Co-stream if you’re comfortable, and watch other Legion streamers when you can.

4. Share Legion streamers content whenever possible.

That’s it! If you’re interested, email with all the info above and Join the Legion!