We are Legion. We are the many that stream as one. Legion of 7 is a group of gamers, variety streamers, musicians, cosplayers, costumers, and makers that enjoy entertaining on their own as much as co-streaming.

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Legion founder and gamer elite, Shade’s headshot stats on CoD: Ghosts are no accident. If you think his kill cams are wicked, you should check out his sense of humor.

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Gamer, cosplayer, costumer, master builder, ProMUA, musician, singer, production designer, author, human services, ordained minister, spiritual counselor… what doesn’t she do? Check out Briar’s streams and info here…

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Everyone has something they like, and online, there are so many of us that share the same interests that streaming creates a connection that transcends the boundaries and limitations of our daily lives.

No matter what you stream or how you do it, the Legion has a place for you. Founded by a family of 7 streamers, the Legion of 7 is an extended family of ConGoers, Gamers, Costumers, Cosplayers, Artists, Authors, Panelists, Makers, and other talented and unique individuals. Separately and collectively, we work to build each other’s streams and networks to build a community.

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